Fuel cell components

Key components for your success.

Good from experience.

Our expertise in the development of manufacturing processes for large series as well as experience with a wide range of production processes and know-how in the processing of different materials helps us to professionally develop fuel cell components and manufacture them in series processes in outstanding quality. These can be manufactured individually according to customer specifications.

Media supply assemblies with added value from a single source. 


EKPO realizes highly complex modules in injection molding while complying with the tightest tolerance requirements. The integration of various functions significantly simplifies the overall system.

In the further step to a highly integrated stack module, additional interfaces are provided for the integration of system components close to the stack.

NM5-EVO Medienmodul



The following system functionalities can be integrated into the media supply assembly, depending on the requirements:

  • Valves
  • Sensors
  • Water separators
  • Media interfaces
  • Electrical interfaces
  • Bypass and cooling systems

Essential intermediate layer for PEM fuel cell stacks


PEMFC bipolar plates made of metal offer advantages in terms of the cold-start capability of fuel cells - for maximum power density and cost efficiency on a series scale.

With high-precision, progressive tools capable of large series production, we are already producing metal bipolar plates in a fully automated, interlinked manufacturing process.

Bipolarplatte EKPO



  • Made from stainless steel
  • Cost effective processes and materials
  • Various coating options available
  • EKPO develops a functional design for the customer up to series production

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