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Independence for long-haul operations

Alternative drive concepts for heavy-duty vehicles

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Heavy-duty vehicles are among the biggest contributors to CO2 emissions in road traffic. Faced with ever-stricter limits within this area, the industry as a whole needs to have a major rethink. At the same time, alternative drive concepts in the truck segment have to prove their worth, particularly with regard to long-distance use.

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Given the industry's key characteristics, alternative drive concepts in the truck segment have to be tailored to the requirements of long-haul operations. In this sector, the most important criteria include a high payload, a long range, and fast refueling. It is precisely here that battery-electric drives quickly reach their limits. Hydrogen-based fuel cells, by contrast, can really play to their strengths.

Our solutions

We offer robust and highly reliable solutions engineered to meet these specific requirements: our fuel cell stacks combine the benefits of extremely high power density with the advantages of a compact footprint and low weight. Both the stacks and the components are designed for a long service life.


The sophistication and maturity of our technologies are genuine game changers: The high efficiency goes hand in hand with low hydrogen consumption, enabling long-range operation. This, in turn, leads to considerable savings in respect of total cost of ownership.

  • High power density

  • Compact design and low weight

  • Long service life and reliable technology

  • Cost savings due to lower hydrogen consumption

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