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Due to the further tightening of CO2 limits, a move away from the combustion engine is required. This trend is also being driven to some extent by municipal legislation such as a ban on diesel vehicles in an ever-increasing number of large cities and the introduction of environmental zones in inner-city infrastructures. 

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Range coverage is essential for light commercial vehicles: after all, this vehicle segment is often associated with transport activities in urban and rural areas. At the same time, however, a high degree of flexibility for long-distance use is also essential. In addition, fast refueling is a key prerequisite for such vehicles, as they are usually in continuous use.

Our solutions

EKPO's product range is brimming with innovation: our fuel cell stacks combine an extremely high power density with the benefits of compact design and comparatively low weight. Benefiting from automated production facilities, we are already able to produce in large quantities the fuel cell stacks and components developed to series maturity. Our manufacturing operations are compliant with current automotive standards, which meet the highest quality requirements.


Our solutions are also compelling when it comes to ongoing costs: the high efficiency and low hydrogen consumption of our stacks provide the basis for significant improvements in total cost of ownership (TCO).

  • High power density

  • Compact design and low weight

  • High volume production through automated manufacturing processes

  • Production according to current automotive standards for highest quality

  • Cost savings due to lower hydrogen consumption

Fuel cell stack modules & components

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