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This picture shows three fuel cell stacks in different sizes.

Our product portfolio includes both customer-specific developments for each integration stage and high-performance standard solutions. These include PEM fuel cell modules with stack-related peripherals, PEMFC stack modules for integration into customer systems, and various stack components such as metallic bipolar plates or end plates and media modules.

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Technology with a future

The PEMFC (Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell) is a low-temperature fuel cell and converts chemical energy into electrical energy using hydrogen and oxygen. This technology can be used advantageously wherever pure hydrogen is available as a fuel and high electrical efficiency is required.  If the hydrogen for the low-temperature PEMFC is produced from regeneratively generated electricity by means of electrolysis, completely emission-free mobility is feasible.

In both field and bench tests, PEMFC stacks from EKPO show outstanding performance and durability values.

Fuel cell stacks and components

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Hydrogen drive - on the way to sustainable mobility

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