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Clean special applications

Emission-free drive for heavy-duty tasks

Off-Highway Special Vehicle


Beyond the classic fields of application, fuel cells also offer significant potential when it comes to commercial special vehicles. Against the backdrop of increasingly strict air and noise emission regulations, operators of off-highway machinery are having to meet more exacting standards. Manufacturers are thus focusing on electrification and alternative drive systems.




Off-highway applications, such as construction machinery and municipal vehicles, are generally associated with difficult operating conditions. They have to deliver high levels of efficiency and performance. What is more, they are often designed for continuous or multi-shift operation.

Our solutions

EKPO offers tailor-made solutions for off-highway applications: our fuel cell stacks combine high power density with compact design and low weight. The key to our success: extremely robust and reliable technology produced in large volumes to a consistently high quality standard by means of automated manufacturing processes. In addition, low operating costs translate into considerable savings in respect of total cost of ownership.

  • High power density

  • Compact design and low weight

  • Robust and reliable technology

  • High volumes due to automated production processes

Fuel cell stack modules & components

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