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Modern rail transport

Hydrogen-based drive systems as a powerful alternative to diesel

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Fuel cell technology has also become of increasing interest to the rail transport sector. Trains equipped with hydrogen-based drive systems are to be seen as a high-performance, emission-free alternative to diesel-powered locomotives.

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From a technical perspective, rail transport is an attractive field of application for fuel cells. Their capabilities with regard to long-haul operation and rapid refueling are of key importance. Fuel cell systems can become a climate-friendly alternative to diesel propulsion units, particularly when it comes to non-electrified routes.

Our solutions

EKPO offers production-ready fuel cell solutions of exceptional quality. Our stacks combine the benefits of high power density with those of compact design and low weight. Operating with automated production processes, we are able to supply stacks and components in large quantities and consistently high quality. Low operating costs help to cut down on total cost of ownership.

  • High power density

  • Compact design and low weight

  • Automated manufacturing processes for consistently high quality standards

  • Cost savings due to low operating costs

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