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IAA TRANSPORTATION 2022: EKPO Fuel Cell Technologies to unveil its full range of fuel cell stack platforms

Hanover, Dettingen/Erms (Germany), September 15, 2022


IAA TRANSPORTATION 2022: EKPO Fuel Cell Technologies to unveil its full range of fuel cell stack platforms

EKPO Fuel Cell Technologies (EKPO), the joint venture between ElringKlinger and Plastic Omnium, will be showcasing its unique fuel cell stack range at IAA Transportation, the leading international trade show for the transportation and logistics industry. EKPO's booth will be located in Hall 12 at Booth C44.

The highlight is the "NM12 Twin" PEM fuel cell stack, with a market benchmark rated electrical output of up to 205 kWel based on in-house metallic bipolar plate technology. This will be installed in a show truck. This PEMFC stack module is designed for high power applications (> 150 kW) and is therefore predestined for the heavy-duty sector. The NM12 twin stack is also of interest for the rail and marine market.

In addition, EKPO presents the "NM12 Single", a stack module based on metallic bipolar plates with a rated electrical power of up to 123 kWel, EKPO offers both standardized and customized stack solutions in various power levels for this model. This stack module is suitable for applications with mid to high power requirements (> 100 kW) - including light to medium commercial vehicles or off-highway vehicles.

Last but not least, the "NM5-EVO" stack module, already in serial production, with a rated electrical power of up to 76 kWel rounds off EKPO's trade show presence. It is ideally suited for high-volume applications, such as light commercial vehicles or intra-logistic vehicles.

"It is in the commercial vehicle sector that the hydrogen fuel cell really comes into its own - especially where long ranges, high availability and fast refueling times are required. We are looking forward to presenting our various solutions at the IAA TRANSPORTATION 2022, understand needs and bring solutions to the industry players. See you on the EKPO booth!" says Julien Etienne, Managing Director of EKPO Fuel Cell Technologies GmbH (responsible for Sales, Marketing, Programs and Product Engineering).

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About EKPO Fuel Cell Technologies
EKPO Fuel Cell Technologies (EKPO), headquartered in Dettingen/Erms (Germany), is a leading joint venture in the development and large-scale production of fuel cell stacks for CO2-neutral mobility. The company is a full-service supplier for fuel cell stacks and components used in passenger cars, light commercial vehicles, trucks, buses, as well as in train and marine applications. Within this context, the company is building on the industrialization expertise of two established international automotive suppliers - ElringKlinger and Plastic Omnium.

The aim of the joint venture is to develop and mass-produce high-performance fuel cell stacks in order to further advance CO2-neutral mobility - whether on the road, rail, water or off-road.