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EKPO China celebrates official inauguration of Chinese plant

Suzhou (China), May 16, 2024


Suzhou (China), May 16, 2024 +++ EKPO China officially inaugurated its plant in Suzhou today. The grand opening ceremony, held at the EKPO’s modern factory in Suzhou New District, marks the company's next step in China, a country that is pursuing a clear hydrogen agenda. The event brought together government leaders from Suzhou New District, EKPO management team, distinguished customers, and important partners to witness this historic moment.

At the commencement of the ceremony, Mr. Humphrey Chen, the General Manager of EKPO Fuel Cell (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., detailed the company’s comprehensive strategy: “Our operations encompass the entire value chain, from product research and development to prototype manufacturing, testing, production, and supply chain management. We are dedicated to becoming a robust pillar in EKPO’s global strategy. Leveraging our cutting-edge technology and deep industry experience, we are confident in providing the Asian market with the highest quality fuel cell solutions.”

Subsequently, EKPO CEO Dr. Gernot Stellberger, expressed high expectations for the Chinese market: “China’s extensive market potential and its clear commitment to green technology present boundless opportunities for EKPO. We intend to establish Suzhou as our hub and extend our reach across Asia, driving innovation in fuel cell technology and guiding the transportation sector towards a low-carbon future. We are also keeping an eye on the growing electrolysis market. EKPO China is fully committed to realizing our strategic blueprint in the country and contributing to the global transition towards clean energy.”

Leaders from Suzhou New District extended a warm welcome to EKPO China for selecting their district as its development hub. They highlighted the importance of hydrogen energy as a strategic emerging industry in the district, stating that the presence of EKPO will undoubtedly provide a significant impulse to the development of the hydrogen energy industry ecosystem, and together, they will herald a new era of sustainable transportation.

The most significant moment of the ceremony was undoubtedly the “water filling” activation segment. In a collaborative effort, government leaders and EKPO management poured pure water, emitted from an EKPO fuel cell stack, into a vehicle model symbolizing hydrogen power. This demonstration vividly showcased the eco-friendly attributes of EKPO’s products, with zero emissions and zero pollution, signifying the company’s prospective vibrancy and prosperity.

During the event, attendees had the opportunity to tour the semi-automated fuel cell assembly line and the fuel cell test laboratory, which adheres to international high standards. The laboratory boasts a testing capacity of 250 kW, underscoring EKPO Chinas significant progress in its localization strategy. Dr. Stellberger further commented, “This represents not only a significant milestone for EKPO in the Asian market but also exemplifies our profound understanding of customer needs and our capacity for swift response.”

“Driving hydrogen solutions for a sustainable future”

The opening ceremony of EKPO China signifies not only a new phase of corporate growth but also exemplifies the collaborative and mutually beneficial nature of the hydrogen energy industry. With the production line and laboratory now fully operational, EKPO is actively fostering the growth of the hydrogen energy sector, contributing to the creation of a sustainable and environmentally friendly future for transportation.


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About EKPO Fuel Cell Technologies

EKPO Fuel Cell Technologies (EKPO), based in Dettingen/Erms (Germany), is a leading joint venture in the development and large-scale production of fuel cell stacks for CO2-neutral mobility. The company is a full-range supplier of fuel cell stacks and components for use in cars, light commercial vehicles, trucks, buses, trains, ships and stationary applications. The company builds on the industrialization expertise of two established international automotive suppliers - ElringKlinger and OPmobility.

The aim of the joint venture is to develop and mass-produce high-performance fuel cell stacks in order to further advance CO2-neutral mobility - whether on the road, rail, water or off-road.

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